Top 10 Ways Dems Showed Their True Face During Trump’s Address

Top 10 Ways Dems Showed Their True Face During Trumps Address

C.E. Dyer writes that President Donald Trump gave an excellent speech Tuesday night in front of a joint session of Congress that touched on many things that should have garnered bipartisan support; but time and time again, the Democrats sat in their seats with scowls on their faces.

Following the president’s address, some in the media criticized the direction (or lack thereof) of the Democrat Party based on who they chose to respond to his speech.

The Daily Caller reported:

The media expressed amazement at how lost the Democratic Party is as they listened to its response to President Donald Trump’s address Tuesday night.

Many commentators criticized Democrats and their response to the address, reports Axios.

Steve Schmidt, an MSNBC commentator, claimed the Democratic Party was “at the lowest point of power” in years. He also denounced the party for allowing an older Democratic governor to give the response, instead of a rising leader.

“And the Democratic response was made by a 72-year-old, retired, two-term governor from Kentucky [Steve Beshear]. Not by Kamala Harris. Not by Kristen Gillibrand. Not by the Castro brothers. Not by anyone who has a future in the actual Democratic Party,” Schmidt said.

Sounds a little ageist to me… Not very tolerant and inclusive Dems! If they think that the age of the person who gives the response is their problem, they’ve hit another level of clueless.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow even joined in on the criticism of Beshear and compared his response, albeit to a lesser extent, to her evaluation of Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s 2009 response:

“There were a number of mannequins with him. … The response is always trouble. It’s always bad. I hear ya on this. I don’t think this sinks to the level of Bobby Jindal.”

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, tweeted about Trump’s speech and the Dems: “Trump has thoroughly humiliated the Democrats by allowing them to humiliate themselves. For all America to see.

The Democrats are a mess right now — even more than usual. Their responses during Trump’s speech evidenced how they have no intention of working with him and it follows, no intention of working for the American people.

They are so entrenched in their radical agenda that they refuse to dump the politics, as Trump urged them to do, and make the right choices for the American people — even in cases where they should easily be able to get on board with Trump.

Hopefully Americans see this and allow it to inform their votes come 2018.

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