Tim Allen Gives Brutal Message to Anyone Complaining About PC on Hit TV Show


Political correctness has become a pressing problem on campuses across America, where school officials, teachers and some students have been wielding it as a weapon to silence any speech that offends them.

According to a Pew Research Center poll from July, 59 percent of Americans felt that too many of their peers were easily offended by the language of others. Judging by the latest episode of Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing,” it seemed pretty obvious the actor agreed.

In the episode entitled “Precious Snowflakes,” the daughter of the main character, Mike Baxter (played by Allen), asked him to speak at her business school’s graduation but warned that politically incorrect language was not tolerated at her school.


What ensues is a hilarious discussion where Baxter’s daughter, Mandy, lectures him about so-called micro-aggressions and about how merely beginning the speech with “ladies and gentlemen” would in itself be an unacceptable faux pas.

“No, uh, you can’t say ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ because it excludes those who don’t identify as either,” she informed her father.

“Hmm … but those are the only two choices,” he then noted.

“No, not anymore,” Mandy replied. “You just have to keep it gender-neutral, OK? Please continue.”

“Hey, everybody,” her father continued, “America is the land of opportunity … I stand before you as … “

His daughter then cuts him off to remind him that identifying America as the land of opportunity implies that everyone in the country shares the same opportunities. That too is a faux pas, apparently.


According to NewsBusters, Mike ultimately decided to forgo delivering the speech, leading Mandy to choose someone else.

Here’s the kicker: While introducing that individual to the audience at her graduation, “she explains that her father was never afraid to give her his opinions and that people should be free to tell their own stories.”

Exactly. Let us just now hope that America’s actual college students (as opposed to their fictional TV counterparts) realize the same fundamental truth.

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