Thugs Torture Victim, Yell “F*** Trump, F*** White People”… Where’s the Outrage?


Investigators are questioning four African-Americans they believe captured and tortured a special needs man for almost 48 hours in an apartment in Chicago and had the nerve to broadcast video of their crimes live on Facebook.

In the video, one of the people in the video yelled “F*** Trump!” and “F*** white people!” while reportedly forcing the victim to do so as well.

WFLD reported that the while both President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump were mentioned in the video, they did not believe the crime to politically motivated.

The original video, uploaded to Facebook by a user named Brittany Herring, has since been removed by Facebook, but portions of the video were still available elsewhere on the internet.

In the video, the victim was in the corner of a room with his mouth gagged and blood running from a cut on his head while his captors kicked, punched and humiliated him.

WFLD reported that police said the victim was a schoolmate of at least one of the thugs in the video, and they picked him up in a stolen car in Streamwood in which they drove him to an apartment in Chicago and proceeded to torture him for over 24 hours.

Chicago police found the victim wandering on the street “in crisis” on Tuesday afternoon, WHO-TV reported. He was so traumatized, it took him most of the night to calm down.

Streamwood police said that during their investigation, the victim’s parents received “text messages from persons claiming to be holding him captive,” the Chicago Sun Times reported.

Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said the video was sickening, but then attempted to dismiss the crime as a childhood prank.

“I think some of it is just stupidity, people just ranting about something that they think might make a headline. I don’t think that at this point we have anything concrete to really point us in that direction, but we’ll keep investigating and we’ll let the facts guide us on how this concludes,” Johnson said.

You can watch news coverage of the incident below (Beware, it is graphic):

Social justice warriors across the country love to bring attention to hate crimes against blacks, calling out white people for their so-called hatred. For some reason, they also love to label President-elect Trump and any of his supporters as racists.

It will be interesting to see how Obama and Democrats attempt to spin this crime.

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