THROWDOWN: Tomi Lehren Goes All In, Hits Megyn Kelly with Everything She’s Got


Last week, Fox News host Megyn Kelly lambasted Breitbart contributor Pamela Geller, a fierce critic of Islamic extremism, as “a hateful person.”

This spurious allegation did not sit well with Geller’s friend, TheBlaze host Tomi Lahren, who Monday sat down with her to talk about the issue.

“It’s so weird to me because listening to that (interview), of course from NPR, of all places, if I were to close my eyes and I wouldn’t have looked at any photos and I wouldn’t have known whose voice it was, I would have sworn that that was a liberal,” she told Geller.

What Kelly specifically said was that Geller was a “provocateur” who, despite her “hateful” demeanor, had the right to criticize Islam however she saw fit. The host made the statement during an interview with NPR, as reported by NPR affiliate WUNC.

But according to Lahren, there was no need for the Fox News host to slam Geller like that.

“I’ve been rather quiet about Megyn Kelly throughout this election cycle,” Lahren continued. “She does her thing and speaks her truth and that’s all fine and dandy, even if it has alienated a lot of Trump supporters — that’s on her. But where does she get off saying this?”

Listen to her full interview with Geller below:

Dovetailing off what Lahren said, Geller speculated that the Fox News host had “smear(ed), defame(d) and libel(ed)” her “(b)ecause she’s so easy to move to NBC, ABC or CBS.”

In other words, Geller believed Kelly was perhaps trying to polish her resume so as to appear more attractive to the liberal hacks who run those networks.

“I’ve lost — to be honest — a lot of respect for Megyn Kelly over the last six months, not because she took on Trump, but because of the way she does seem to want to placate liberals — placate to the left,” Lahren added, pointing to the host’s tendency to target fellow conservatives like Pamela Geller for merely speaking truthfully about the Islamic religion.

The irony was that the outspoken Fox News host was doing all this while presenting herself as a champion of free speech.

“Megyn Kelly doesn’t realize that she has contradicted herself,” Geller later wrote on her website. “What she thinks makes me ‘hateful’ is exactly the defense of the freedom of speech that she claims to defend.”

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