THIS IS NUTS, HOW CAN THEY DO THIS: ABC News CUTS THE MIC During Trump Speech When He Started Destroying Hillary!


This is insane. Look what happened today!

It has become abundantly obvious that the media is not only in the tank for Hillary Clinton, but decidedly anti-Trump. The manner in how they conduct their coverage proves this out.

But ABC News took it a step further than the rest in their coverage of Donald Trump’s rally in Daytona Beach, Florida. Just as he began talking about Hillary Clinton’s responsibility for the creation of ISIS something curious happened. His mic went dead.

Seemingly to brand the presentation “ABC News Live Stream Coverage,” a critical point about his opponent was censored. This is the kind of underhanded tactic the press is going to use this election cycle.

The “live stream” event was a coordinated effort between ABC News and Yahoo! News. That this branding would need to happen in the middle of a speech, given that there is no commercial breaks in a live streaming feed, is troubling.

One can understand a place-holder screen when a presenting network or cooperative is having transmission of other technical problem

s. This does happen in the information technology age.

But what they did was totally unnecessary.

In the face of dishonest coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign ABC News and Yahoo! News have to be seen watched closely.

Recent false news stories about Trump ejecting a mother and her crying baby from a rally were run by every major news network across the globe. This story was roundly debunked not only by the mother of the crying baby, but everyone in attendance at the rally.

Trump’s stance on a moratorium on immigration of people from countries embroiled in bloody Muslim conflict until we can institute a viable vetting process – especially during a time when Islamofascism has declared war on the West – has been routinely spun to be a discriminatory ban.

And the mainstream media’s coverage of Trump’s remarks about Gold Star father Khizir Khan completely ignored Khan’s connections to both the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia. It also ignored a statement by Capt. Khan’s company commander informing the world that the younger Khan was estranged from his father.

This is the kind of disingenuous and biased reporting the mainstream media is going to execute this election cycle. The mainstream media cannot be trusted to inform the public truthfully. We are on our own.

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