There’s an interesting post-election update on the Bush family


The only member of the Bush family to publicly endorse Donald Trump during the campaign said bygones are bygones between Trump and his family.

George P. Bush, the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, told Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto that his uncle, President George W. Bush and grandfather, President George H.W. Bush along with his father, have all reached out to President-elect Trump to congratulate him and offer their support.

“It’s more important than the individual, this is about the future of our country. My dad, my uncle (and) my grandfather have all reached out personally to Donald Tump. They congratulated him via Twitter,” he said.

“We will be supporting him because if our country succeeds it will be because he has succeeded,” Bush added. “Politics is just a profession, it’s not a way of life. And so I think for our family we want the best for our country and Donald Trump needs to succeed.”

Bush, who serves as the Texas land commissioner, surprised many when he came out publicly for the Trump as his father, uncle and grandfather all refused to do so.

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