Texas Inches Closer to A Constitutional Convention

Texas Inches Closer to A Constitutional Convention

Some conservatives have suggested for some time that the United States Constitution needs amendments to address some of the problems the nation is facing. Now, the state of Texas has begun moving closer to beginning the process of debating the matter, The New American reported.

A series of bills is being considered by the Texas legislature, and if passed the bills would effectively call for a constitutional convention to debate adding nine amendments to the Constitution — the so-called “Texas Plan.”

It is unclear if these bills will pass, but if they do, Texas could be one step closer to fulfilling the dream of many conservatives — a modern-day constitutional convention.

The proposed amendments, posted on Texas.gov, deal primarily with regulations and Supreme Court decisions, as well as giving more power to Congress.

One such amendment would “(r)equire Congress to balance its budget,” which would finally bring some fiscal responsibility to our nation’s capitol.

“Allow a two-thirds majority of the States to override a U.S. Supreme Court decision,” is another proposed amendment, which could potential prevent the Supreme Court from overstepping their bounds — though it would also require two-thirds of Congress to oppose them, a feat that seems unlikely in this partisan climate.

“Require a seven-justice super-majority vote for U.S. Supreme Court decisions that invalidate a democratically enacted law,” is another proposed amendment that would attempt to limit the power of the Supreme Court and prevent the types of rulings we have seen in recent years.

Other proposed amendments would allow individual states to sue federal officials for “overstepping their bounds,” and allow a two-thirds majority of states to “override a federal law or regulation.”

A constitutional convention could end up helping America, given that many states are Republican red right now, but there are always risks associated with opening the Constitution up for new amendments.

Fox News reported that several law experts didn’t think there was much chance that a constitutional convention would take place — much less that new amendments will be added to the Constitution.

For now, the most likely way for the government to change is by President Donald Trump draining the swamp of corruption in Washington.

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Source: conservativetribune.com