Texas Gun Bill Would Prevent Doctors from Asking About Gun Ownership


Even though President-elect Donald Trump is going to be occupying the Oval Office in a few short weeks, there are still many vestiges of the Obama administration that will remain.

President Barack Obama spent a lot of time and effort trying to impose various forms gun control upon Americans, and many states are still fighting back, including Texas, Breitbart reported.

Texas Senate Bill 104 has been pre-filed by state Sen. Bob Hall. The bill, if passed, would prohibit doctors from asking their patients if they own a firearm.

“A physician, other than a psychiatrist, may not … inquire into, or ask a patient to disclose, whether a firearm is located or stored on property owned by or under the patient’s control, including the patient’s home,” reads a portion of the proposed bill.

This bill was in direct response to statements Obama made in 2013 where he suggested that doctors should be able to ask patients about firearms — as if that would stop criminals from committing crimes with guns.

This wasn’t the first time Texas has tried something like this. PBS reported that in 2015 a similar bill was brought before the Texas House of Representatives but never got anywhere.

Florida has a similar law (“Docs vs. Glocks”) on the books — a law that The Washington Post reported was upheld by the 11th Circuit Court.

It is unclear if the Texas law will get anywhere now that a pro-Second Amendment president will be occupying the White House. Of course, one day Democrats might get someone elected president again, so it might be useful to have this law on the books for when that day arrives.

Just because Trump will be in the White House doesn’t mean that the fight over the Second Amendment is over. Liberals will constantly be looking for new ways to inflict  gun control upon Americans, so we should be on the lookout for anything they might try.

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Source: conservativetribune.com