Texas Governor Calls Out Travis County Sheriff, Announces State Wide Sanctuary City Ban

Texas Governor Calls Out Travis County Sheriff Announces State Wide Sanctuary City Ban

They like to do things big in Texas. Big hats, big boots. There’s a new “big” number that Gov. Greg Abbott isn’t proud of, and he’s putting the hammer down.

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez has refused to comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests, which are supposed to funnel criminal illegal aliens directly from her custody to ICE for deportation.

From Jan. 28 to Feb. 3 (that’s only a week), Travis County released 142 illegals who were charged with crimes including sexual assault, aggravated assault, domestic violence and robbery, according to the governor’s website.

To put this into perspective, Sheriff Hernandez was responsible for releasing 70 percent of criminal illegal aliens nationwide.

“Today’s report from DHS is deeply disturbing and highlights the urgent need for a statewide sanctuary city ban in Texas,” Gov. Abbott said.

“The Travis County Sheriff’s decision to deny ICE detainer requests and release back into our communities criminals charged with heinous crimes — including sexual offenses against children, domestic violence and kidnapping — is dangerous and should be criminal in itself,” he explained. “Texas will act to put an end to sanctuary policies that put the lives of our citizens at risk.

The governor has already warned Hernandez about compliance with ICE and went so far as to cut $1.5 million in grants for Travis County. The county’s response should have been to comply. Instead, they eliminated 14 full-time jobs and started a fundraiser, according to KXAN.

The blame starts and ends on Hernandez’ desk. The next likely step will be for state legislators to finalize a bill banning sanctuary cities in Texas altogether, putting any law enforcement official clearly on the wrong side of the law if it isn’t enforced.

Hernandez, a Democrat, had the gall to announce after her 2016 election that her office would curtail its cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, honoring detainer requests only on a limited basis, according to The Texas Tribune.

This is an outrage, and the sooner that enough pressure is brought to bear that Travis County complies with federal jurisdiction over people in this country illegally, especially those who commit crimes, the safer Texans will be. If that doesn’t happen, there needs to be a new sheriff in town.

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Source: conservativetribune.com