Texas Bill Would Remove Faithless Electors and Void Their Votes


Faithless electors failed to halt the election of President-elect Donald Trump, and because of a new bill in Texas, future faithless electors in the state may never even have the same opportunity.

Filed by Texas legislature member Rep. Michael Schofield, House Bill 771 will, if passed, invalidate the votes of future faithless electors.

“An elector must cast a ballot for a candidate for president or vice-president that corresponds to the candidates who received the most votes cast in this state for those offices,” the bill read.

“An attempt to cast a ballot in a manner other than the manner required by this subsection: (1) is not valid and is not considered a vote cast by an elector; and (2) creates a vacancy in the position of the elector attempting to cast the ballot.”

If a future faithless elector attempts to vote against the state’s chosen candidate, his or her vote will basically be nullified, and he or she will be replaced with an alternative elector.

Speaking with Breitbart, Schofield explained the reasoning behind his proposal.

“Texas voters need to know that their vote actually counts,” he said. “Our election doesn’t mean much if voters vote for one candidate and our state’s electoral votes go to somebody else.”

According to The Daily Caller, two electors in Texas voted against the state’s election winner, President-elect Donald Trump. Their antics made no difference in the final outcome.

If passed, Schofield’s will become law on Sept. 1. As of late December, the bill had the backing of state Sen. Paul Bettencourt, who promised to sponsor the bill in the state Senate.

As reported by talk radio station WBAP, House Bill 771 was not alone. About a week before Schofield announced his bill, state Sen.-elect Dawn Buckingham filed the Texas Elector Accountability Act, which if passed “would create civil penalties for faithless electors and ban them from ever participating in the Electoral College again.”

Combined, these bills would rob faithless electors like Christopher Suprun of any incentive to try to buck the system.

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Source: conservativetribune.com