Teen Walking Pup When Rapist Attacks, Forces Her To Ground. Seconds Later, Puppy Does UNTHINKABLE


Maya Fairweather decided to take her boyfriend’s puppy for a walk at a nearby park. That’s when the teenager discovered just how protective the pup could be.

Pit bulls are often the recipient of bad stereotypes for the aggressive behavior. Fairweather said her boyfriend’s dog, Apollo, is “a sweet dog” and “very friendly and just jumps on everyone.”

Today, she and boyfriend, Carlos Guzman, are giving Apollo extra love and attention. The 5-month-old puppy saved Fairweather from a terrifying attack.

Around 10 p.m. on Nov. 28, Fairweather decided to take the energetic puppy for a walk to Red Hook Recreation Area Park, which is located in the neighborhood of her boyfriend’s apartment. When they arrived, the 18-year-old let Apollo off his leash so that he could run.

The teen had in her headphones, listening to music, when she felt someone come up behind her. “I thought it was my boyfriend grabbing me, so I turned around and smiled – but it wasn’t my boyfriend.”

Instead, a stranger began attacking her. He pushed the girl to the ground and tried to pull down her pants.

“I fell down on my hands,” she said. “I just closed my eyes because they say that if you see their face, they will kill you. I froze. I was really scared.”

That’s when the pup came racing to the scene, trying to protect her. Apollo latched onto the attacker’s leg.

Biting down so hard, the attacker took his attention off Fairweather and tried to shake the dog off instead. That’s when she was able to escape. “…I was able to run away. I ran across the street.”

The dog finally let go and the attacker fled the scene. Fairweather and Apollo returned to her boyfriend’s apartment, thankfully unharmed, but quite shaken up. Realizing, if it weren’t for Apollo, “I think it would’ve been a lot worse. I wouldn’t have been so lucky.”

Guzman’s sister, Destiny, took Fairweather to the local police station to report the attack. “I wasn’t there,” said the sister, “but I know that that dog saved her life.”

“That dog is a hero, he protected her,” said Guzman’s mother, Sonia Valcarcel. “I’m sad she had to go through that, but at least, because of the dog, she was able to escape.” Police are now searching for the suspect.

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Source: liftable.com