Teen Tells Girlfriend He Wants New Bible. But Gift She Makes Him Instead is Going Viral


It’s a dilemma that anyone who’s ever been in any sort of relationship has faced – what do you get your significant other for that special occasion? What’s the perfect birthday or Valentine’s Day gift? Where do you even start with Christmas?

If you thought it was hard to do before, finding a meaningful gift just got a whole lot harder. That’s because a Georgia teen has just upped the bar for all of us.

Sixteen-year-old Reagan Lee and eighteen-year-old Garrett Chisum are a typical high school couple. They’ve spent countless hours together at the movies, school events, shopping, and church. Their shared religion has played a major role in their relationship.

The two were going through a rough period in their relationship when Garrett gave Reagan his Bible with some passages that were important to him highlighted. This marked a moment of revelation for her – spiritually and in their relationship.

She knew that she wanted to give something back to him, and when he told her one day that he wanted a new Bible for Christmas, she knew right away what she would do. And so Reagan Lee set out on a three month journey to illustrate and personalize EVERY page of the Bible for Garrett.

“I figured a Bible would be a cute, really pure gift, and knowing my boyfriend, I knew he would love it even more if I customized it,” said Reagan. She set about writing comments, creating small illustrations, highlighting passages, and making notations on things that were important to her.

The result was one-of-a-kind and extremely meaningful. She filled it with bright colors, illustrated flowers, starbursts, special notes, and cartoon figures.

Reagan presented her gift to Garrett for Christmas. She also shared pictures of some of the pages on social media. The response was…mixed.

Some felt that this was an act of defacement of an object of holy importance. The greater consensus though was positive. With most impressed by both the artistry and the work, call it devotion, that went into the project.

What about Garrett though? Reagan said, “He was just smiling a lot and gave me a really big hug.”

The only question that remains is, what does Garrett do for their next milestone event to top this? At least he has something he can turn to for inspiration.

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