Teen Notices Disturbing Item in Shorts, Now Pic of What She Found Is Going Viral


A teen in Groveville, New Jersey noticed a disturbing item in her shorts. Now the picture she posted of what she discovered is going viral — for a very good reason.

Missy Rogers returned home one day after buying a paid of new shorts. However, she became very disturbed when she saw what was inside of them so she immediately took a photo and uploaded it to Facebook where the photo took on a life of it’s own.

Rogers bought the new shorts from American Eagle but noticed that her size was… off. She wondered if she had gained weight because the shorts she fit were a much larger size. When she got home, she inspected her old pair of American Eagle shorts to confirm her suspicions.

She uploaded the photo to Facebook with a caption that read: “This is a photo of two pairs of shorts both from American Eagle. The black pair is from two years ago and the maroon is from this year.”

What is shocking though is that the black pair from two years ago is labeled as a size 4 while the maroon pair that fit her at the store is labeled as a size 10.

Rogers knew upon seeing size 10 on the pair inside the store that something was wrong. She couldn’t have gone up that much. So she bought the pair and brought it back to compare with her older pair.

As the photo shows, they have virtually the same waistline, but the disparity in sizes would make a woman think she had gained a great deal of weight between the purchases. As Rogers wrote: “How small has a size 4 become?”

This is what set social media ablaze, with Rogers’ post being shared more than 75,000 times as of Monday afternoon.


Manipulating sizes is common in women’s fashion. Vanity sizing is also prevalent in the United States, where clothes are deliberately labeled with smaller sizes to boost sales.

However, whether it’s vanity sizing or a discrepancy like Rogers found, the problem is the same: There has not been an effort to standardize sizing for ages. And that helps keep society’s standards unrealistic — because even if you work out and maintain your shape… the number on your pants could make you feel like you haven’t done enough.

Women’s clothing is always a touchy subject — in real life or on the Internet.

Good for Missy for pointing this out!

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