Teacher Learns 3 Students Mixed Bodily Fluids in Home Economics Assignment She Ate


Three Omaha (Nebraska) Westside High School students face charges after authorities discovered what they put in frosting that their cooking teacher later reportedly taste-tested — and it is about as disgusting as it gets.

The students, who are in the ninth grade, added semen to the frosting before they put the frosting on their turnovers for the teacher to taste, reported the Omaha World-Herald.

The boys, ages 14 and 15, allegedly went to the bathroom and ejaculated into the containers of frosting before returning to class on Thursday and putting the frosting on the turnovers.

Doing a taste test, the teacher, who happened to be female, tasted one of the turnovers and noticed something wasn’t quite right.

Another student eventually told the teacher that he’d overheard the boys talking about their plans for the frosting.

Police were called and the frosting containers were confiscated.

School administrators interviewed the boys. Two admitted to contaminating the frosting, while a third said he had known of the plan but had chickened out.

Omaha police were hoping to arrest the boys on suspicion of a felony, an official told the Herald, noting that Nebraska has laws that criminalize acts involving bodily fluids, such as spitting on a police officer. However, police couldn’t find a state law that governs such behavior, the official said. The boys will face misdemeanor disturbing the peace charges.

KETV reported that the Westside School District released a statement indicating that an incident did occur and they were working with Omaha Police.

This is beyond disgusting. The fact that students would do something like this to their teacher is just another example of the decay of society that we’ve been witnessing over the past few decades. It’s no wonder so many parents are choosing to home-school their children — what’s happening in public schools is disgraceful.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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