Teacher Keeps Telling Mom to Cut Autistic Son’s Hair. But When He Does THIS, She’s Left FUMING

Teacher Keeps Telling Mom to Cut Autistic Sons Hair But When He Does THIS Shes Left FUMING

When you send your child to school, you assume they will be protected. You would never expect them to come home with an alteration to their appearance. You wouldn’t expect a teacher to make a big change in a child’s appearance to match his own personal preferences.

This is what Miriam Brandon of Owotta, Canada, experienced when a teacher overstepped her parental authority. Miriam received several calls from her son Dominic’s teacher requesting that she cut his hair.

Dominic is seven years old and is in the special needs class at Regina public school. He requires the help of a special needs teacher because he has autism.

Over the phone, the teacher claimed that Dominic’s shoulder-length hair was too long and getting into his eyes. Miriam didn’t agree with the teacher who also took issue with Dominic putting his hair in his mouth during class.

Dominic’s hair was very important to him and he was growing it out; he even made the request for his mom to never cut his hair. Miriam said, “I didn’t think it’s hurting anyone for him to grow his hair out.”

The teacher’s next phone call left Miriam stunned and angry. Despite the fact that she told him several times she didn’t want her son’s hair cut, he had wielded a pair of scissors and cut the sides and front of Dominic’s hair.

Miriam is angry not only because the teacher did not have her consent, but she had explicitly said during numerous phone calls that she didn’t want to have her child’s hair cut.

“He’s a teacher, not a hairdresser,” she said. “And we didn’t give any consent or anything.”

After the appalling phone call Miriam quickly contacted the school and complained about the teacher’s actions. “For a teacher to grab scissors and cut a child’s hair that takes away my son’s voice and it takes away my voice as a parent,” she said.

The school board has taken action to put the teacher on “home assignment” while they investigate further. The school board put out a written statement.

“We extend our apologies to the student and his family. The district continues to work with the family to ensure the best learning environment for the student,” the statement read.

Miriam was not only upset that the teacher had cut Dominic’s hair. The fact that other teachers stood by while the rights of her child were trampled on was just as upsetting.

She will be withdrawing Dominic from Regina Public School once the kids go on break.

What would you do in this frustrating situation? Many moms have already spoken out against this teacher’s actions. You can join the conversation by clicking the social media buttons below.

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