Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Will Serve at Least Another Term


Rumors have quickly spread which assert that Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy, is soon to retire, but Kennedy’s hiring of two more clerks for his next term have put these theories to rest.

In spite of his good health, Justice Anthony Kennedy was rumored to be preparing for retirement at the end of his current term. Kennedy is eighty years old, after all.

Any doubt that he would serve another term, though, has finally been dispelled.

The Daily Caller reports:

Rumors abounded that Kennedy was preparing to depart the bench at the end of the Court’s current term in June 2017. Several signals tended strongly in the rumor’s favor.

Kennedy, for example, only hired one clerk for the coming term as of last month. This is highly unusual, as clerks are usually hired far in advance of their service on the Court. Secondly, he declined to teach over the summer at the McGeorge School of Law’s summer program in Salzburg, Austria, as is usually his custom. Finally, he scheduled his usual five-year reunion with his law clerks one year early, in 2017 instead of 2018.

New developments, however, suggest Kennedy plans to man his post on the high court for awhile longer. Above the Law (ATL) reports the justice has hired two additional clerks for the next term. ATL’s sprawling network of tipsters and well-placed informants usually leads them to break news on such hires. The identities of the two additional clerks have not yet been reported.

Generally considered to be a swing vote on the Supreme Court, Justice Kennedy plays an important role in any decision of controversy the court has to make.

President-elect Donald Trump will still appoint at least one new Supreme Court Justice, though, and Kennedy, meanwhile, will continue to serve as long as he’s able.

Sometimes, what appear to be hints about future just need time to settle.

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