STUNNING: Brokaw Says Trump Political Playbook to Be Studied for Years


Former “NBC Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw hasn’t been one of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s biggest fans. In fact, he’s been a vocal adversary of the GOP presidential nominee.

However, during an appearance on MSNBC, the liberal media icon stunned many when he praised Trump’s campaign, calling it the blueprint for future politics in America.

“There will be candidates in the future that will take the Trump playbook and try to work with it,” Brokaw said during a Tuesday appearance on “Morning Joe.” “He was unique and a reality television star, and he knew how to manipulate and use the mass media out there. He ran on Twitter, and nobody had ever done that before, and we will see more of the social media campaign, I think, in the future.”

Brokaw said that either way our country votes, America had “big issues to deal with.”

“In my judgment, the single biggest issue in the campaign is how do you stitch America back together again, and how do you make it whole, if you will?” Brokaw said.

And, don’t get me wrong: Brokaw still had plenty of time to bash the GOP nominee, especially when it came to Trump’s claims about the election process being rigged.

“We didn’t hear any complaints from him about the media and the whole run up to the nomination,” Brokaw said. “And now it’s our fault.”

Given that Trump was talking about how the Republican nomination was biased toward the establishment from the start his campaign, one wonders what channel he was watching all this time —

Oh, wait, it was probably NBC. Never mind, problem explained.

“The next couple of weeks, when he ought to be doing something completely innovative, and should be showing vulnerability as a person, he’s not going to do that,” Brokaw added about Trump. “He’s going to go back to his old form, and it’s always somebody else’s fault.”

Wait — isn’t that Hillary Clinton?

What Brokaw had to say about Trump is probably going to rankle a lot of people in the media who were fond of trashing the GOP nominee at every opportunity. What he said is true, though. Trump has been not only one of the biggest innovators in the political process in decades, he’s tapped into frustrations that other candidates just like to gloss over.

Say what you will about Trump, his issues and his methods, but they’re not going away anytime soon — and the sooner the media realizes this, the better they’re going to be at understanding the massive sea change that’s already begun.

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