Students’ Trump Chant at Basketball Game Labeled “Racially Motivated”

Students Trump Chant at Basketball Game Labeled Racially Motivated

As sports hecklers go, those Connecticut Yankees are frightfully polite. When Canton High School and Classical Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut, squared off Tuesday night at a semifinal conference basketball game, the chatter was graphic.

Holding signs with President Donald Trump’s last name, some Canton students chanted, “Trump!” during their opponents’ free throws and sporadically throughout the game, according to The College Fix.

Distracting talk during free throws at a basketball game? Cheering for your team? Supporting the president of the United States?

School officials in Hartford were “aghast,” according to the Hartford Courant. Those kids really used the word “Trump.”

On Wednesday a letter was sent home to parents, a student assembly was held to discuss the incident and a formal apology from Canton High School to Classic Magnet School was forthcoming, according to The Associated Press.

The reason? Racism! Apparently Canton has more white students than Classical Magnet. Liberal thinking concludes, by default, that the chant was racist.

“While students’ right to free speech and forming educated opinions about politics and current events is a cornerstone of our educational system, the exact point where political opinion converges with disrespect, discrimination or hate speech must be separated,” said Canton High principal Andrew DiPippo in the letter sent home to families of Canton students.

Since when is chanting the name of the president of the United States considered “hate speech”? Would this be a story if one of the schools (either one) was chanting “Obama” during former President Barack Obama‘s administration?

Azaria Porter, the team manager for Classical Magnet, complained that the chanting was “just annoying.”

Like most things teenagers do, it was probably overdone. And no question, it was distracting, even obnoxious.

Sometimes that’s what respect for the First Amendment can look or sound like. And whether or not it’s annoying usually depends on which side of the issue you’re on.

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