Students Terrified After KKK Threats… Then Cops Find Black Teen Behind It All

Students Terrified After KKK Threats Then Cops Find Black Teen Behind It All

When black students at Arundel High School in Maryland recently began receiving messages from a Twitter user named “KoolkidsKlanKkk” warning them of an “attack,” they presumed the perpetrator was one of their white peers, but it turned out their assumption was dead wrong.

An investigation by local authorities revealed that the individual behind the account, which has since been suspended, was in fact a 14-year-old black female student, according to WJZ.

“We’re planning to attack tomorrow,” was the disturbing message she tweeted her peers, though why in the world she chose to send them threatening messages, such as the unrelated one used as a featured graphic accompanying this story, remained unknown.

Some believed that her motivation lay in a racist “Kool Kids Klan” that had seen circulating on campus Jan. 6. Two kids reportedly signed that petition. Whether the perpetrator was one of them remained unclear.

Speaking with The Annapolis Capital Gazette, one local black parent described how the series of incidents had affected her son.

“His eyes have kind of opened, I guess, to potential racism,” she said. “He never really looked at his peers in that way, and he was very shocked … I definitely wanted to express to him that he has to keep his eyes open, he has to be vigilant, and we had to have a conversation just about the Ku Klux Klan in general.”

The mother did not say whether she also planned to have a talk with her son about racial hoaxes, which recent events have demonstrated to be a growing problem.

Robin Schneider Love, a white mother of a sophomore at the school, added that the “Kool Kids Klan” petition that presumably triggered the whole fiasco was likely just meant as an inartful jest and likely did not signify actual feelings of racism among the students.

“This just blew up into this huge racial issue,” she maintained. “Growing up around here, having attended the feeder schools and going to (this) school that ended in the ’70s — it has no place here. It’s just so sad.”

Another parent, K. Williamson, argued that one thing was clear — schools needed to begin taking action in such cases sooner rather than later.

“This looks like it was a situation that the kids didn’t take (seriously) because it was never conveyed to them how serious it was,” he said. “And it is very serious.”

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