Student Suffers Wrath of School Staff and Students for Wearing ICE Hat

Student Suffers Wrath of School Staff and Students for Wearing ICE Hat

A conservative student at a California preparatory high school was suspended and will not walk with his class for graduation after wearing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hat to school.

According to the Young America’s Foundation, Jacob Labosky wore the hat to Bellarmine College Preparatory High School in San Jose on March 23 and 24. While school policy forbids hats, the policy is enforced on a class-by-class basis, and Labosky complied with teachers who didn’t wish him to wear the hat.

However, several members of the school’s Latino Student Union — wearing shirts that said “Duck Trump” and “Deport Trump” — cornered the half-Latino Labosky and began berating the student with profanity-laden invective.

One student took the hat to the assistant dean of students, Patrick Talesfore. Talesfore proceeded to pull Labosky out of class and chewed him out while the two walked the halls. In addition to accusing him of “trying to incite fear in these kids,” the assistant dean also allegedly said Labosky was “racist,” “idiot,” “ignorant,” and “gutless.”

Yes, there’s nothing that facilitates the free exchange of ideas quite like an adult authority figure belittling a teenager.

Labosky was sent home, where he made a Snapchat post about the incident.

“Hat triggers snowflakes,” Labosky wrote. “Sent home, not suspended to let them recover and to ‘protect’ me. Support the agencies that keep us safe and protect our freedoms i.e. not just ICE.”

That got him expelled, although the school later reduced it to suspension upon appeal. That still means that Labosky has to do his classwork off-campus and cannot walk for graduation in the spring. According to the Young America’s Foundation, “someone within Bellarmine’s community” also tried to make trouble for him by reporting the incident to the University of Portland, which Jacob will be attending in the fall, and falsely stating that he’d been expelled from Bellarmine.

Bellarmine administrators have allegedly said that Jacob’s hat was “dividing the community,” according to the student’s mother. It’s nice to know that when someone’s very legitimate statement of support makes another person upset, that statement can lead to these sorts of sanctions.

We know there are two sides to every story. However, we’ve heard nothing that indicates that Labosky’s choice of attire was anything more than showing his patriotic support of law enforcement. No matter how you feel about his statement, if other students are able to wear shirts that say “Duck Trump” and “Deport Trump,” and the hat policy is loosely enforced, this is simply a case of double standards — indoctrination.

YAF says they received “no response, clarification, or comment” from anyone at Bellarmine.

“Their silence in this matter speaks volumes,” YAF concluded. We agree.

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