Steve Bannon Makes Rare Appearance, Slams Corporate Media Networks

Steve Bannon Makes Rare Appearance Slams Corporate Media Networks

During an unexpected appearance Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference alongside White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon excoriated the liberal mainstream media, or what he dubbed the “opposition party,” for always being dead wrong about everything.

“If you look at the opposition party and how they portrayed the campaign, how they portrayed the transition and how they’re portraying the administration, it’s always wrong,” he said, according to a transcript from Time magazine.

“If you remember, the campaign was ‘the most chaotic,’ you know, by the media’s description, ‘most chaotic, most disorganized, most unprofessional, had no earthly idea what they were doing,’” he recalled. “And then you saw them all crying and weeping that night, on the 8th (of November).”

For a reminder of what that looked like, check the video below:

Continuing his scathing indictment of the liberal media, Bannon regretfully noted that things were not likely to change. If anything, the media’s war against President Donald Trump will likely only grow as time passes and his agenda is slowly but surely fulfilled.

“It’s not only not going to get better, it gets worse every day,” he said. “They’re corporatist, globalist media that are adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda like Donald Trump has. If you think they’re going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken.”

“Every day — every day, it is going to be a fight,” he continued. “And that is what I’m proudest about Donald Trump. All the opportunities he had to waiver off this … every day in the Oval Office, he tells Reince and I, ‘I committed this to the American people; I promised this when I ran; and I’m going to deliver on this.’”

No matter how much the media distort, obfuscate and lie, it looks like President Donald Trump will continue to pursue his agenda, i.e., those policies that the American people voted him into office to implement.

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