What This State Senate Bill Would Offer High School Students Will Give Atheists a STROKE

What This State Senate Bill Would Offer High School Students Will Give Atheists a STROKE

A Kentucky state Senate bill would create an elective course on the Bible for high school students.

According to KMOV-TV, Senate Bill 183 is causing a lot of controversy, with the both the Kentucky Council of Churches and the ACLU in strong opposition to the bill.

Perhaps most surprising, the fact that a Democrat introduced the bill. According to the Lexington Herald Leader,  state Sen. Robin Webb, introduced the bill not only to teach students a little about historical events, but also art, thought and literacy.

“You would be remiss if you didn’t include the Bible’s impact on the law and the history of our country and where we are in the world today,” Webb told the newspaper.

The Herald-Leader noted that a similar bill was introduced back in 2016, but failed to pass in the House.

The Courier-Journal reported some things that students would be taught if the bill passes. Students would study characters, historical events, and the Old and New Testaments as “prerequisites to understanding contemporary society and culture,” the bill states.

Some of the opposition is in good faith. According to the Herald Leader, the Kentucky Council of Churches is against it because it maintains public school teachers are not qualified to teach Bible courses.

However, there are many liberals who are in opposition to the bill who believe that the courses would actually “preach religion” in the schools instead of educating students without a specific agenda.

That segment seems to ignore the reason the bill was introduced in the first place: to provide a more broad understanding of history throughout the years. If the students happen to learn a little about their religion, or another faith they are not familiar with during the process, so be it.

But you can be sure liberal lawmakers, the ACLU, and non-religious parents will put up a stiff fight to this bill.

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