START PACKING: 23 Celebrities Who Promised to Leave if Trump Elected… Adios!


Prior to President-elect Donald Trump’s victory in Tuesday’s presidential election, numerous snooty liberal elitists threatened to leave the United States were he to win.

Included among this cadre of pompous blowhards was every type of liberal imaginable — liberal actors, liberal filmmakers, liberal models, liberal singers, liberal TV hosts and, of course, liberal comedians like Jon Stewart.

Known for hosting “The Daily Caller” on Comedy Central for nearly two decades, Stewart was an especially nasty liberal who spent much of the election season besmirching Trump and his supporters as racists, sexists, bigots and whatever else.

But it was what he said during an interview September with People magazine that was the most interesting: “I would consider getting in a rocket and going to another planet because clearly this planet’s gone bonkers.”

Luckily for him, interplanetary travel does not yet exist, meaning he can stay. The same cannot be said for the likes of Lena Dunham, a potty-mouth feminist who hates all men, but especially so white men.

“I know a lot of people have been threatening to do this, but I really will,” she said last April at an awards ceremony held by the Association for Women in Communications, according to The Hill. “I know a lovely place in Vancouver, and I can get my work done from there.”

Goodbye, Lena. And goodbye as well to actress Whoopi Goldberg, race hustler Al Sharpton and genuinely deplorable pop star Miley Cyrus, whose entire adult career has revolved around teaching young boys and girls how to be promiscuous philanderers and Jezebels without regard for love or family.

“My heart is broken into a 100000 pieces … I am moving if this is my president!” she whined in an Instagram post eight months ago.

“I don’t say things I don’t mean!” she added.

In that case, buh bye.

You can see her post here (but some of the language in her commentary is graphic):


Below is a list of at least 23 celebrities, including the aforementioned, who promised to leave:

  • Comedian Jon Stewart
  • Comedian Chelsea Handler
  • Actress Neve Campbell
  • IAC Interactive Founder Barry Diller
  • Feminist Lena Dunham
  • Comedian Keegan-Michael Key
  • Actress Chloë Sevigny
  • Race Hustler Al Sharpton
  • Actress Natasha Lyonne
  • Comedian Eddie Griffin
  • Filmmaker Spike Lee
  • Model Amber Rose
  • Actor Samuel L. Jackson
  • Singer Cher
  • Comedian George Lopez
  • Singer Barbra Streisand
  • Actress Raven-Symoné
  • TV Host Whoopi Goldberg
  • Actor Omari Hardwick
  • Pop Star Miley Cyrus
  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Comedian Amy Schumer
  • British Columnist Katie Hopkins

To these arrogant, self-important jerks, I have only this to say: Either pack your bags or stick your tails between your legs and for once in your lives be quiet and listen.


You may not like how we perceive the world, but we are human beings just like you. So instead of insulting us, mocking us and making fun of us, maybe, just maybe open your hearts and minds and start listening, because we are the silent majority, and we will be heard whether you like it or not.

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