Spoiled College Kid Demands New Dress Code at Work, Gets Nasty Surprise Next Day


Colleges have always been known to be bastions of liberalism, but recently college students have realized that with a little bit of whining, they can get pretty much anything they want.

However, these tactics don’t always work in the real world. In fact, just a little bit of whining can get a person the boot, as one group of college brats found out.

In a letter presented to an online advice columnist, one college intern explained how the dress code at the company he or she was working at for the summer was “too strict.” The intern banded together with fellow interns and presented management with a proposal for an alternate dress code as well as a petition to change the dress code.

Big mistake.

Needless to say, all interns were called into the manager’s office the following day and were promptly let go. It seems their unprofessional behavior had no place in the corporate environment.

The intern said the group was shocked because they were not even allowed to discuss the matter further.

As the old saying goes, welcome to the real world.

Colleges are supposed to prepare students for how things operate in the real world but have failed miserably at doing so. By letting bratty students complain and, subsequently, dictate their moves, colleges have created little monsters who think they can get everything they want just because they want it.

The advice columnist tried to explain to this spoiled student that the company’s dress codea ws the company’s dress code and that the assumption that he or she knew better was a serious mistake.

It’s a shame these students were shocked by the company’s reaction, but the whole situation was indicative of how our colleges are failing kids. Students are not learning what it takes to become successful — they are learning that whining and complaining get results.

Hopefully, this group of interns learned from their experience and will treat their next managers with more respect.

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Source: conservativetribune.com