Spicer Thanks March for Life Supporters, Liberals Tweet Angry Responses

Spicer Thanks March for Life Supporters Liberals Tweet Angry Responses

President Donald Trump campaigned on a pro-life platform, much to conservatives’ delight, and so far, the Trump administration appears to be sticking to it.

On Friday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer tweeted out Trump’s support for the March for Life in Washington, the annual demonstration against the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion. And liberals absolutely lost their minds.

“Thanks to everyone who came to DC today for March for Life and show (sic) their support for life and Adoption,” Spicer tweeted.

It didn’t take long for the liberal cry to reach full force. Pro-abortion critics immediately began tweeting back to Spicer, condemning him for having the audacity to stand for life.

“Meninists just hate it that women have rights over their own bodies and opinions about things! The horror!” tweeted one particularly uninformed user.

Other tweets claimed the so-called Women’s March on Jan. 21 was bigger — despite the fact that it is hard to find “official” numbers for either demonstration.

“March=Support when it is Republicans, a RIOT when it is Democrats. Republicans owned by ChristianLobbyists!” tweeted another, slightly delusional, liberal.

Well, technically, it is a riot when your demonstrators are throwing garbage cans in windows, attacking police and setting cars on fire.

Having keynote speakers talk about blowing up the White House also doesn’t help the whole “peaceful protest” vibe that liberals have been going for, either.

These liberals really aren’t used to having a pro-life administration occupy the White House, and their delicate minds apparently just can’t process the fact that there are actually powerful people in the government who are deeply opposed to abortion.

It’s nice to see an administration that isn’t afraid to stand for life. I’m sure in a few months, the shattered psyches of these liberals will begin to repair themselves and they will finally come to grips with reality.

Or maybe not. Either way, expect more uneducated tweets to bombard Spicer, Trump and anyone else who dares voice an opinion that doesn’t align with the leftist elites.

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