Spanish Nun Gets Death Threats After Making EXPLOSIVE Comment About Virgin Mary

Spanish Nun Gets Death Threats After Making EXPLOSIVE Comment About Virgin Mary

A Spanish nun who recently suggested that the Mary, the mother of Jesus, had sex with her husband, Joseph, received an understandable blowback from the community that caused her to backtrack on her statement.

“I think Mary was in love with Joseph and that they were a normal couple — and having sex is a normal thing,” Sister Lucía Caram told Spanish television’s “Chester in Love” show, according to the U.K. Guardian.

“It’s hard to believe and hard to take in. We’ve ended up with the rules we’ve invented without getting to the true message,” she added.

Caram appeared on the Spanish television show on Sunday to discuss sex and faith, and sparked an outcry from the many in the Christian community with her opinion. Some people were so outraged that they signed an online petition demanding that she be suspended from her order, according to the New York Post.

Her remarks not only upset millions of Catholics and many other Christians, it also drew the ire of the Bishop of Vic in Spain who issued a statement reminding believers that the Catholic faith was clear on the issue of Mary’s virginity, and Caram’s statements do not conform to that belief.

“[It] was gathered and proclaimed by the Second Council of Constantinople, being the primary Marian dogma observed by Catholic and Orthodox Christians,” the statement said, according to the Guardian.

“We remind people that these remarks do not conform to the faith of the church and regret the confusion they may have caused to the faithful.”

The nun has since apologized for any offense.

“When asked about the Virgin Mary, I said that, as I see it, Mary obviously loved Joseph … I wanted to say that it wouldn’t shock me if she had had a normal couple’s relationship with Joseph, her husband,” Caram said on Wednesday, according to a translation provided by the Guardian.

Caram added that her remarks might have shocked some people and then followed that up with a statement that “sex is neither dirty nor something to be condemned, and that marriage and sex are a blessing.”

Of course they are, and some Protestant churches do not insist that Mary remained a virgin throughout her life. But to insinuate that Mary had sex with Joseph works against a core belief of Catholicism, and this Catholic nun should have known better than to suggest Mary was not a virgin.

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