Small Pennsylvania Town Honors Law Enforcement – Receives Criticism From DOT


In an effort to show support for law enforcement officers, fire fighters and ambulance workers, a community in central Pennsylvania is taking to the streets—literally.

Conoy Township has painted a blue stripe between the double-yellow lines on some streets to show solidarity with first responders.

School children are “the ones that we have to get it into their minds that those emergency responders are there to help,” Supervisor Chairman Stephen Mohr told to the Lancaster Online.

The encouragement was valued among first responders.

“We’re always appreciative of any support we get,” Susquehanna Regional Police Department Lt. Stephen Englert told the newspaper.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, however, says the kind gesture crosses the line and violates highway rules. The markings allegedly don’t comply with the Federal Highway Administration’s “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices,” which also governs states and local municipalities.

A motorist coming upon a different colored line between yellow lines could become confused or distracted, PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny said, which could open the township itself to liability if someone were to crash.

“It’s well intentioned and a nice idea, but it’s not really an appropriate way to show support,” Penny said

Mohr repudiated the idea that the blue lines could be a distraction.

“If that little blue line distracts somebody, they were going to be distracted and weren’t too attentive anyway,” Mohr said.

Conoy Township reportedly has no plans to remove the stripes.

A community of southern New Jersey also painted a blue line on roads near their police departments in October to express gratitude for police officers.

A New Jersey borough councilman, however, complained that the blue line could be portrayed as racist. The state’s Black Lives Matter chairman said the blue line diverts attention from racial bias by officers.

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