Slate Claims Donald J Trump And Dylan Roof Have Similar Views On Racial Grievances


President-elect Donald Trump has been attacked by liberals calling him a racist for the better part of a year, despite a shocking lack of evidence to back up their claims.

The liberal website Slate decided to take the Trump-bashing one step further and used the conviction of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof as an excuse to call Trump a white supremacist in an article written by its chief political correspondent, Jamelle Bouie.

Bouie used his article to state that Trump’s campaign and Roof’s manifesto were one and the same and that Trump and Roof stood for the same things.

“Indeed, when read together, Trump’s announcement and Roof’s manifesto offer a duet in racial grievance,” he wrote. “Both Roof’s violence and Trump’s demagoguery flow from a shared swamp of resentment. The same white nationalists who led Roof down a path of hate and evil now gather in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the election of Trump as a triumph for their movement.”

What a load of malarky.

It is the pinnacle of blind hatred to try to compare a domestic terrorist to the next president of the United States. Trump and Roof are nothing alike, and anyone who thinks so is simply blinded by their own personal bigotry.

It’s a truly sad testament to just how far liberals have sunk that in their minds a mass shooter and a politician are one in the same.

“It’s to see both Donald Trump and Dylann Roof as heralds of the darkest forces in American life, to see their common heritage in a rising tide of white identity and white nationalism,” Bouie wrote.

Yes, some unsavory elements have gotten behind Trump’s campaign, but that is no fault of Trump’s. There are unsavory elements behind any large movement. Trump has repeatedly denounced white supremacists and radical members of the “alt-right,” but liberals don’t seem to hear those denouncements.

Millions of Americans who voted for President Barack Obama, twice, voted for Trump in 2016 because they saw someone who would work to restore America to its former glory — not for any issues regarding race.

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