Six-Year-Old Stuck in Wheelchair Entire Life. But When This Happens at School, Teacher’s Jaw Drops


Poliomyelitis is an infectious viral disease that attacks the central nervous system. It can cause both temporary and permanent paralysis.

Six-year-old David Matos de Souza has had difficulties moving since birth because of the virus, more commonly known as Polio, that attacks the spinal cord and causes muscle atrophy. The young boy has always used a wheelchair and Doctors told his mother he would never be able to walk.

After starting physical therapy, his Brazilian classmates encouraged him to try and walk for the first time. His teacher recorded the emotional moment on her phone that has been shared by thousands on social media.

In the video, he’s seen walking slowly between the desks, holding on for stability. His face is lit up with a smile the entire time.

His classmates cheer him on, chanting, “David, David, David, go, David go.”

When he reaches the wall of the classroom, he turns around and walks back again. One of the teachers is waiting to embrace him with a hug.

David’s mother, Roseley Matos de Souza, was shocked when she saw the video. “Seeing the video, it was so emotional. I cried a lot. I would have never expected that this happened inside the school.”

Some call it a miracle when those who are paralyzed do the impossible, like when Jaquie Goncher surprised her fiance by walking down the aisle on their wedding day. Others believe it’s simply thanks to self-determination and support.

“After so many years of hardship,” said Roseley, “it’s indescribable how I feel now.”

With the encouragement of his family, David has repeated those “first steps” several times now. Thanks to physical therapy, he is determined to eventually walk and live life without his wheelchair.

His mother has just one message: “The one thing I want to say is if there are other mothers in similar situation, never give up on your children.”

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