Single Mom Walks Through Son’s Home in Awe. But When He Leads Her into Kitchen, She’s Left IN TEARS

Single Mom Walks Through Sons Home in Awe But When He Leads Her into Kitchen Shes Left IN TEARS

This surprise was a lifetime in the making as one son sought to honor the woman who raised him singlehandedly. In an effort to repay his mother for all she has done for him, Josh DeShong did what many only dream of doing: He bought his mother a house.

Josh DeShong would be the first to admit he was a difficult child. “You know growing up, my mom raised me as a single parent, and I honestly was a pretty troubled youth,” he said.

DeShong added, “When everyone doubted me – and honestly she probably should have doubted me too – she never stopped being there for me.” Now, his mother’s faith and strength have been rewarded tenfold.

DeShong, who owns several real estate companies in the Dallas area, recently came across a property that had been previously owned by a hoarder. The property was in such poor condition that the city had condemned it.


“There was floor-to-ceiling black mold everywhere, it needed new wiring, new plumbing. It was way worse than I anticipated. I should have just knocked it down,” DeShong explained.

Instead of tearing it down, however, DeShong had a better idea. He decided to invest significant time and money into the property, choosing materials his mother would want in a home.

He knew that once this home was renovated, it would make the perfect gift for his mother, who had been living in a small apartment. Even better, this home was much closer to him and his family, allowing his mom to be closer to her granddaughter.

Before showing his mom the house, DeShong reflected on the importance his mother has had on his life. “When I got into real estate, over ten years ago now, everybody doubted me, [but] she always, always believed in me,” he said.

“My mom hasn’t had it very easy the past ten, fifteen years… in the past six months alone, she’s lost her mom and her sister,” he said. With this house, DeShong aimed not only to repay his mother, but also to bring her some joy.

When DeShong’s mother learns the house is hers forever, she’s immediately moved to tears. She grabs him and hugs him, holding him close.

DeShong worked for years to achieve this goal. He said, “I got into real estate with the intent to be able to provide for my family but also be able to give back… today I get to give back something that I’ve been working my entire career to be able to do.”

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