SICK: Prosecutor Tells Girls Claiming Refugee Sexually Assault Them That Refugees Might Have Just Been Showing Their Interest


Two women who say they were sexually assaulted by a group of refugee men had their case dismissed after a prosecutor said that the assault was just to “show in this way they were interested in you,” a German TV show revealed.

According to the U.K. Express, two young women from Bad Zwischenahn — identified only as Katharina and Lucille — went on TV show “The Hot Chair” and described what they’d been through.

“At a festival I was bothered by a refugee,” 20-year-old Katharina said. “He groped my intimate area. Eight policemen arrested him.”

However, she said that when the police officers went away, the whole group of migrants descended upon her to assault her.

“And no one helped me,” she said.

The show then dug up something that the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Oldenburg wrote to the girls while investigating the case.

“It is quite conceivable that the young men just wanted to show in this way they were interested in you,” they wrote to the women, according to Germany’s Bild.

Their appearance was paired with that of Thilo Sarrazin, a controversial author and former German politician who has been critical of German Chancellor Angela Merkel over her handling of the migrant crisis.

“Whoever is looking for protection in Germany must also behave like this: Criminals must be consistently deported,” Sarrazin said. “If a million young men come into the country, without access to girls and women, that is a problem.”

Of course, this isn’t the first instance of excusing the actions of refugees and migrants out of political correctness, but it is one of the most disgusting. Imagine the horrors of being sexually assaulted, only to find that your case is considered inconvenient by authorities.

We saw what happened in Cologne, and now we’ve seen what’s happened across Europe. It’s time to clamp down on open borders.

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H/T British Free Press