SICK: Look What Joe Biden Did to GOP Senator’s WIFE on Senate Floor


Vice President Joe Biden possesses the tact and decency of a prepubescent boy just discovering the wonderful world of raging hormones.

And as an imprudent teenybopper in the body of a 6-foot-tall giant, Biden has the tendency to overstep his bounds — such as when he literally kissed Sen. Chuck Grassley’s wife on the lips Tuesday during the congressional swearing-in ceremony.

No joke. He leaned in and showered her with all his hunka hunka burning love as if it were his high school prom.

Take a look, and be prepared to gasp:

And no, that was not Grassley’s mother but rather his wife, as BuzzFeed reporter Emma Loop clarified soon after in another tweet.

But it gets worse, as Biden followed up his debauched behavior by making a litany of inordinately inappropriate and potentially sexist remarks:

Were a Republican to ever make a similar remark regarding a female congresswoman, every liberal feminist in America would cry foul.

“You’re not vertical, you’re beautiful,” he added while addressing the wife of Sen. Richard Shelby.

What a sleazeball.

Of course, this is nothing new from Biden. Two years ago the vice president told several aspiring female computer programmers, “You’re as smart as any guy.”

While these might be gaffes, as some have tried to categorize Biden’s history of shoddy behavior, these antics nevertheless transcend the boundaries of acceptable social behavior.

Yet because Biden happens to be a Democrat, the insanely hypocritical left — particularly radical feminists — have said nothing about the vice president’s behavior.

“It’s odd that the feminist community does not find it even slightly problematic that the vice president of the United States essentially confirmed for a group of school-age girls that a baseline standard of intellectual prowess are set by men,” Hot Air commentator Noah Rothman wrote after the computer programming gaffe two years ago.

“Implicit in Biden’s comment is the notion that these young girls are in some way performing a remarkable feat by demonstrating a level of intelligence often reserved for males,” he added. “No one has a problem with this?”

Nope. No problem at all. Likewise, liberals and radical feminists have no problem with Biden planting unwanted kisses on little girls or groping grown women, as reported by Breitbart:


I am not even sure anymore of what is more disgusting — Biden’s despicable behavior or the left’s stubborn and hypocritical unwillingness to address it. It might be a tie.

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