SHOCK VIDEO: Train Car Evacuated After Rider Notices Bugs Living in Woman’s Bag

SHOCK VIDEO Train Car Evacuated After Rider Notices Bugs Living in Womans Bag

There are plenty of places you might think you need an exterminator. Your house? Sure, ants and termites can be bad in the summer. Your shed? Of course — it’s outside, after all.

A subway car on a transit system? Not so much.

Yet, that’s just what officials in one major city are doing after a disgusting discovery inside of a homeless woman’s bag.

As if Chicago didn’t have enough problems already, WBBM-TV reported that the Chicago Transit Authority has taken a Red Line car out of service to be “thoroughly cleaned” after a video showed a frightening bed bug infestation in a bag of clothes.

A Red Line rider, whose name is Michael Moore, recorded the incident 2:30 p.m. on Friday. I’m going to assume it’s not that Michael Moore, since he’d probably have been too busy stuffing his gaping, socialist maw with enough deep-dish pizza to feed all of the Gambia.

The video shows a bag of clothes with bed bugs visibly crawling around it.

Take a look:

Moore told WLS-TV that after he alerted the conductor, the train was evacuated.

“They evacuate just that car from the train, and then we stop there for about 10 minutes and they clean the train,” Moore said.

Then, everyone reboarded another train — which caused additional problems.

“Problem is that this lady gets off with her bag full of bed bugs, it has holes in the bottom of the bag, and then she gets onto another train,” Moore said.

Good work, Chicago. Way to keep your eye on the ball.

The Chicago Transit Authority would not confirm that the insects were bed bugs and only pointed out that they couldn’t stop paying customers from entering the transit system.

In all fairness, though, I don’t think any of those bugs paid for tickets.

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