SHOCK VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Do TV Interview, Suddenly a “Whoosh” Missile Hits


Andy Warhol once claimed that everybody would be famous for 15 minutes. Warhol had made that claim during the 1960s, however — and inflation being what it is, these Syrian rebels only got eight seconds of fame. And, unfortunately, it looks like it came right at the very end of their time on this earth.

A video uploaded to video sharing site LiveLeak purported to show a group of Syrian rebels doing some sort of interview. As they were answering questions, however, things suddenly went wrong. Very, very wrong.

The video was uploaded to the site three days ago with comments claiming it to have been taken in the war-torn city of Aleppo. It showed the soldiers sitting around a fire in what looked to be a shed or a garage-like structure.

One alleged rebel was in the background, while two other men were in the foreground. Both were dressed for winter weather, and one was bearded. The bearded one was talking to the camera.

All of a sudden, a whooshing sound could be heard. The two men’s interest was piqued, and they turned briefly toward the sound.

The camera shook and recorded what looked like a huge explosion. The video cut off then.

You can watch for yourself here:

The uploader, Tello1980, wrote that the video was shot in East Aleppo and that the men were rebels.

The title of the video, “Rebels blown up by SAA missile,” indicates that the missile came from the Syrian army. (The official name of the armed force, the Syrian Arab Army, would be abbreviated that way.)

No other reporting on this video appeared to exist, so we are forced to take Tello1980’s word as to what the video depicts. However, it certainly looks like a lot of other videos coming out of Syria, and it certainly seems like this was a real attack as opposed to a clever hoax.

We will, as always, update the story if we learn more.

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