SHOCK REPORT: Global Warming Goes Wrong… Ice Age Close as Sun Prepares to Hibernate


Liberals are horrified after learning that we could be facing a new ice age in as little as four years. Instead of global warming, it seems, according to a new report, that global cooling is actually occurring. This is scary — especially to liberals who’ve pinned their worldview to global warming.

A team of experts have recently gathered information that points to an imminent 15-year-long mini-ice age due to hit the Northern hemisphere in just four years, according to the U.K Express. The team’s report stated that this climate change will trigger a barrage of cataclysmic events, including volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

According to research by the Space and Science Research Center in Florida, there is a strong link between low solar activity and seismic activity.

The team studied changes on the sun’s surface and collected data that seem to point to the sun taking a “hibernation.” It could take up to 15 years for solar activity to return to normal, with the extreme weather and freezing temperatures continuing until 2035.

This is in stark contrast with the liberal environmental campaigners who argue that by 2030 the world will have to contend with increased sea levels and flooding because of glacial melt at the poles.

However, the researchers base their hypothesis on solar activity measured by the appearance of sun spots, which have been declining at a rate greater than at other time in history. According to the team, the sun is now without spots for the first time in five years.

Researchers at Japan’s Institute for Cosmic Ray Research have also found a link between global volcanic activity and solar activity lows. Study author Toshikazu Ebisuzaki said: “Volcanoes with silica-rich and highly viscous magma tend to produce violent explosive eruptions that result in disasters in local communities and that strongly affect the global environment.”

Ebisuzaki continued: “We examined the timing of 11 eruptive events that produced silica-rich magma from four volcanoes in Japan (Mt. Fuji, Mt. Usu, Myojinsho and Satsuma-Iwo-Jima) over the past 306 years (from A.D. 1700 to A.D. 2005). Nine of the 11 events occurred during inactive phases of solar magnetic activity (solar minimum), which is well indexed by the group sunspot number.”

Solar expert Piers Corbyn of forecasting group WeatherAction added, “We are anticipating temperatures to drop, leading to ocean water freezing and ice drifts washing up around the coasts in Europe — we expect the next mini ice age.”

While we don’t know for certain that this is going to occur, this is what a lot of scientists are arguing. This is terrifying and obviously not at all what we hear from global warming “experts.”

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