SHOCK: Renters Find Locked Basement Door, FREAK OUT When They See What’s Behind It

Renters Find Locked Basement Door FREAK OUT When They See Whats Behind It

Older houses often come with weird quirks and strange sounds. Most of them turn out to be harmless, but one group of roommates discovered something about the odd noises in their rental house that none of them expected.

Brett Mugglin and Jimmy Alderman, students at Ohio State University in 2013, said they thought the house they lived in was haunted because they would hear unexplained clicks and alarms that seemed to be coming from the basement, according to ABC News. They also found drawers left open and kitchen and bathroom lights being left on.

They never expected that an unknown person was responsible for the mysteries.

Several people had pitched in to rent the three-story house, so the unexplained happenings could have been easily explained by one roommate doing something without telling the others — except for the strange noises in the basement.

One of the problems the roommates encountered was power outages, which required someone going to the basement and flipping the circuit breaker.

Mugglin even ran into someone he didn’t know in the basement who said his name was Jeremy but wouldn’t say if he was a fellow roommate.

“A few times, when my roommate Brett was down there, he would hear noises,” Hartman said. “But, when he tried to turn the handle on a door located in the basement, it was always locked.”

That was too much of a mystery, so the roommates decided to investigate what was behind the locked door. When the landlord couldn’t get it open, they called the police — and that’s when they discovered that Jeremy, the elusive guy Mugglin had run into before, was the person behind the strange noises.

Jeremy had a bed, photographs, food and other belongings in the basement.


Talk about a surprise.

Hartman said Jeremy wasn’t a “bad guy” because he never took anything from the other renters in the home, but he was eventually evicted anyway.

Watch coverage of the incident below:

This story serves as a reminder to always check out strange noises, because you never know what might be causing them. Jeremy didn’t pose a dangerous situation for the renters in their home, but he could have just as easily been a bad guy who could have done a considerable amount of harm.

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