SHOCK: Aussies Say They’re Leaving Muslim Neighborhoods to Protect Their Daughters

Aussies Say Theyre Leaving Muslim Neighborhoods to Protect Their Daughters

By immigration, by breeding, or by the sword, Shariah-based Islam is creeping like a cancer into the Western world.

Muslims who reject democracy and Western values yet seek to enjoy the opportunities and freedom they provide have now spread to Australia, where the urban demographic is rapidly changing in response to Islamic settlement, according to Breitbart.

Queensland senators of the One Nation party are moving quickly to severely curtail immigration of Muslims who refuse to assimilate. Sen. Malcolm Roberts noted that Australians have begun to move away from areas of heavy immigrant settlement, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

“We the people are seeking to protect our children, our daughters, our property, our liberty,” he told Parliament on Monday. Roberts argued to restrict immigration to groups that are known to assimilate, such as “Buddhists, or Sikhs, or Hindus, or Jews or Catholics or Protestants and so on.”

Roberts was referring to the epidemic of sexual violence that Muslim immigrants have brought with them into Europe, and the mounting evidence that immigrants are being given preferential legal protection for their crimes.

Arguments this week in the Australian parliament’s upper house centered on Migration Amendment Bill 2016 which provides that “a person does not pass the (immigration) character test if there is a ‘risk’ rather than the previous ‘significant risk’ that they will pose a danger to the Australian community.”

This legislation is precisely aimed at the rising tide of immigrants, specifically Muslim immigrants, that is beginning to overrun Australia in much the same way as we are seeing in Germany.

As Germany’s Muslim immigrant crisis reaches epidemic proportions, shredding the cultural and economic fabric of the nation, the world is watching, and some nations are choosing to act sooner rather than later.

Tasmanian Sen. Jacqui Lambie hailed U.S. President Donald Trump for his tough stance on radical Muslims and argued for an Australian immigration ban for all supporters of Shariah law.

“Shariah law is an anti-democratic cancer that doesn’t belong in a free society,” she said, according to 9News. “If they support Shariah law and want it in Australia, don’t let them in.”

Roberts told Parliament the case is clear:

“How can we expect people wedded to an ideology masquerading as a religion that specifically precludes assimilation, to assimilate and integrate? We can’t,” he said.

Perhaps that is the most telling statement. For militant Muslims, anti-assimilation and the drive to overtake every other culture are simply in their DNA.

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