After She’s Done Serving, Waitress Picks up Receipt. That’s When She Finds Appalling Note

After Shes Done Serving Waitress Picks up Receipt Thats When She Finds Appalling Note

Tensions appear to be at a high right now. Not only we are in the middle of a presidential transition, but many acts of violence occurred throughout the previous year.

While the majority of Americans condemn such violent and hateful acts, the few that commit them leave people frightened and hurt. Yet every day, people come together to support those who have been victims of hatred.

Once such victim, Kelly Carter from Ashburn, Virginia, was recently left on the receiving end of some very hurtful, hate-filled words. She was working on a day like any other at Anita’s Cafe, when she went to pick up the receipt at one of her tables.

What this waitress found left her speechless. The bill had come to $30.52, and was paid with a credit card. However, the couple that she had served left no tip for the hardworking waitress.

She said that the couple had told her that they enjoyed the service, so one would expect at least a standard tip. But instead, at the bottom of the receipt was a note that read, “Great service don’t tip black people.” Carter was so shocked by what she read that she had to look at it three times.

Anita’s Cafe owner Tommy Tellez said, “It’s just appalling, disheartening, outrageous.” He said that he’d never seen such a racist moment in his 42 years working at the family-owned restaurant.

Carter stated that she would recognize the customers if they were to return to the restaurant and would gladly serve them again. With grace, she added, “My arms are still open to him.”

Carter has had an incredible attitude about the whole ordeal. “You gotta forgive and forget,” she stated.

The waitress has received incredible support following the incident. People are coming up to her and giving her hugs and money, and there is even talk of organizing a dinner night at the restaurant to support her.

“One hateful remark cannot stop me,” said Carter. This woman is full of grace and forgiveness that most people do not possess. She is a shining light in the midst of hatred.

What do you think of Carter’s well-mannered comments? Let us know when you share this woman’s incredible story.

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