Sheriff Joe’s Replacement Makes Huge Announcement… Illegals Now “Guests”


One thing we already know about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s replacement: he does not share his predecessor’s ability to be tough on illegal immigration.

Instead, it seems that he actually welcomes it.

On Wednesday, Sheriff Paul Penzone was sworn in as the new sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. He was quick to say that he would not be following the example set by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was sometimes dubbed “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

While Sheriff Joe enforced U.S. immigration laws and wasn’t afraid to be politically incorrect by calling those who cross our borders illegally “illegal immigrants,” Sheriff Penzone must have been watching too many Disney movies, because he plans to call those same immigrants “guests.”

It’s not so much the term that is frightening as the action behind it. It is like Penzone is literally setting the table and singing “Be Our Guest” rather than promising to keep our borders safe from illegal immigrants entering the country and committing crimes.

In an interview, Penzone said, “We really need to work with the guests who are here in our nation and who are pursuing citizenship” and to “make sure that we are a caring community.”

Sheriff Penzone, an activist who supported removing ICE agents and immigration holds from our jails, has also cleaned house in terms of his management staff. He removed any Sheriff Joe loyalists and hired people with “deep Democratic Party connections.”

Good luck with that.

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