Sheriff Clarke Begs Black People to Boot Troublemakers From Own Communities

Sheriff Clarke Begs Black People to Boot Troublemakers From Own Communities

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke laid out the cold, hard facts about Chicago crime that Democrats are going to hate.

In an interview on the Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” the outspoken sheriff said it was an issue that black communities needed to face.

Clarke said police officers had been operating with “one hand tied behind their backs” under former President Barack Obama, but now the country has an attorney general who “gets it,” in the form of former Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions. The police, Clarke said, can now begin to use every tool available under the rule of law to “beat back” the criminal element.

Even more crucially, Clarke then called on black Chicago residents to step up.

“The black community can no longer stand by and watch this cultural rot of the black underclass — not the entire black community, the black underclass,” Clarke said.

Blacks, he said, need to shame and shun the “cultural dysfunction” that is played out by the black underclass.

“The things that the left likes to look at as something to embrace, that they say it’s part of the culture. No, it’s not,” Clarke said. “I’ve been black all my life, that’s never been a part of this black culture — selling dope, taking care of disputes or settling disputes with force, intimidating your friends and your neighbors with the weapons. Selling poison, selling dope to other people … That has never been a part of the black community.”

Take a look at the video below:

It’s hard to argue with Clarke about this.

Shunning those who commit violent crimes, sell drugs and basically run communities into the ground is one way people can begin to take their neighborhoods back. Criminals cannot think they have the upper hand, even for a moment.

They need to know that the police, as well as their fellow citizens, want a safe place to live and raise their families.

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