Shepard Smith Says Trump Lying To The American Public About The Media

Shepard Smith Says Trump Lying To The American Public About The Media

Fox News host Shepard Smith is once again coming under fire for controversial comments he made about President Donald Trump, this time calling him a liar.

On his program on Wednesday, Smith targeted the White House claim that the mainstream media is not adequately reporting the incidents of terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic radicals.

Trump said during a visit to CENTCOM in Florida on Monday, “You’ve seen what happened in Paris and Nice. All over Europe it’s happening. It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported. And in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it. They have their reasons and you understand that.”

White House press secretary Sean Spicer further explained the following day: “What we need to do is remind people that the earth is a very dangerous place these days. That ISIS is trying to do us harm. And that the president’s commitment is to keep this country safe. And I think part of this is to remind the American people how prevalent some of these attacks are, and how much attention they have or have not gotten.”

Smith charged Trump’s and Spicer’s claims are an “echo” of ring-wing fringe media.

“The president’s assertion is false,” the Fox News anchor said. “The White House knows that it was false or could have known that it was false with a quick Google check, but either did not do so or decided not to tell the truth.”

Smith referred to a list the White House released Monday identifying 78 terrorist attacks, many of which it argued have not received the coverage they warranted.

The newsman noted that some on the list received extensive media coverage including last summer’s Orlando night club attack; the truck attacks in Nice, France and Berlin, Germany last year, and the Paris attacks in November, 2015.

White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters explained any one of the 78 terror attacks on the list once would have gotten “wall-to-wall” coverage, but now many are largely ignored.

The Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor gave credence to the White House claim that terror attacks are not being covered as they should.

“Even when journalists report on terrorism they go out of their way not to call it that,” he told Western Journalism. “We looked at how they spun terror attacks and by more than 5-1, they used other terms than terrorist or terror – like attack or gunman. Even when ISIS called for attacks during the month of Ramadan back in 2015, 87 percent of the network stories left out that call.”

Smith claimed that Trump has what sounded like a sinister agenda of trying to discredit the media and mislead the American public with a message of: “Don’t listen to those who are reporting accurately, listen to our false assertions.”

“There is a danger in a republic with something like that,” the anchor argued. “You start to believes things that are not true and you follow someone who is leading your astray for reasons that have nothing to do with you.”

Smith added that people “often migrate to [news sources] where they are going to hear what they already think.”

Wall Street Journal associate editor John Bussey, appearing with Smith on the program, offered a counterpoint saying, “People will gravitate to sources they feel are truthful, authentic and accurate.”

“Really, that’s not what I’ve been seeing lately,” replied the host.

“I think on the whole the American public is pretty smart,” said Bussey.

Smith had a very similar interchange with the Wall Street Journal’s James Grimaldi last summer trying to get the reporter to state that Trump is racist.

“He trades in racism, doesn’t he?” Smith said.

“Well, I’ll leave that up to the commentators. … I’m not one to generally label people like that, so I would pass on that question,” Grimaldi responded.

Many expressed their displeasure on social media with Smith’s latest denigrating comments towards Trump.

Many called on Fox News to fire the controversial newsman.

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