SHAMED Dolezal on Food Stamps, Jobless, and Nearly Homeless

SHAMED Dolezal on Food Stamps Jobless and Nearly Homeless

Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who faked her racial identity and posed as a black civil rights champion, has recently learned a hard lesson in justice.

The former NAACP branch president for Spokane, Washington, Dolezal was exposed two years ago as a fraud, and while she admitted that she was technically white, she “felt” black.

Now it appears that Dolezal needs to “feel” like she’s employed, as she recently revealed that she was not only jobless, but also on welfare and on the verge of homelessness.

In a recent interview with The U.K. Guardian, Dolezal said the only work she has been offered since being exposed in 2015 was in reality TV and pornography, and although she had applied for hundreds of jobs, no one would hire her.

Maybe because dishonesty and fraud aren’t exactly the characteristics employers look for when hiring.

Dolezal was exposed in June 2015 when a local television crew asked her the simple question: “Are you African-American?” according to Fox News. Her parents then came forward and revealed that they were white — along with their daughter — and photographs of Dolezal as a white-skinned, blonde-hair child surfaced.

It was also noted that she had once sued Howard University — a traditionally black college — for racial discrimination because she was white.

Dolezal complained in the Guardian interview that there was no “protected class” for her since she has been ostracized by both the white and black communities.

“I’m this generic, ambiguous scapegoat for white people to call me a race traitor and take out their hostility on,” she said. “And I’m a target for anger and pain about white people from the black community. It’s like I am the worst of all these worlds.”

The truth is that if Dolezal had simply owned up to the fact that she was white from the beginning, she almost certainly wouldn’t be in the predicament she has found herself in now. However, Dolezal has continued to insist that she isn’t white.

“I do think a more complex label would be helpful, but we don’t really have that vocabulary,” she said. “I feel like the idea of being trans-black would be much more accurate than ‘I’m white.’ Because, you know, I’m not white … Calling myself black feels more accurate than saying I’m white.”

But, you are, in fact, white — regardless of what that label “feels like.” Truth is truth, no matter how much liberals like to argue the point.

That doesn’t mean you can’t join the NAACP or fight for the issues you believe affect the black community, but at the end of the day, simply feeling connected to a certain race doesn’t actually make you a member of that race.

Mind blowing, right?

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