Senator Proposes Bill to Allow Concealed Carriers to Sue if Hurt in Gun-Free Business


We’ve sadly seen case after case where disarmed, law-abiding individuals in gun-free zones have been nothing more than sitting ducks for criminals who — for whatever reason — decided not to heed the rules. Now, one Missouri lawmaker apparently wants to change that.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, a newly minted Republican state representative said he wanted to make it a lot harder for businesses to do away with concealed carry rights in the Show-Me State without the possibility of facing repercussions for those decisions.

Rep.-elect Nick Schroer, a Republican,introduced a bill that would allow citizens to sue gun-free businesses if they were legally allowed to concealed carry but were injured in an attack that may have been prevented had they been allowed to carry a firearm on the premises.

In other words, President Barack Obama’s gun-free society could be about to take a huge hit.

The text of House Bill 96 said the statute “would apply when a person who is authorized to carry a firearm (but) is prohibited from doing so by a business and is then injured by another person or an animal,” according to Breitbart.

Schroer says he was inspired by a similar law in Tennessee and incidents like the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting, in which he said the theater owners “almost put a target on the back of all the customers there that had to disarm themselves.”

As a rejoinder to the liberals who might say that he’s putting people in danger, he encouraged business owners to look at it as something like a business that forgot to put a “wet floor” sign out when it was mopped.

This is the kind of legislation we need to see more of. After all, who obeys gun laws? That’s right — law abiding citizens. The ones we don’t need to worry very much about.

A gun-free society like the one President Obama envisions does not prevent shootings. It does, however, prevent shootings from being effectively dealt with by concealed carriers.

If a business is responsible for this, it should also be responsible for the injury — and Missouri may be about to make sure that happens.

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