Sen. Mike Lee: I Will FIGHT and DEFEAT Obama’s Land Grab


Politicians have joined with hundreds of Utah residents who oppose President Barack Obama’s new national monument in San Juan County.

The monument, called Bears Ears National Monument, covers 1.35 acres of land in southwest Utah, The Verge reported (including some Native American burial grounds that most agree are in need of some protection).

Republican Sen. Mike Lee penned a harsh commentary for The Daily Signal promising that Obama’s latest land grab would not stand.

We will fight this battle together, and we will win,” Lee promised

Lee told Utah residents that the Obama administration had lied to him about the monument.

“When I questioned Interior Secretary Sally Jewell at her confirmation hearing, she promised me President Barack Obama would not designate a national monument unless there was widespread support from the local population,” he said. “Unfortunately, Obama ignored that promise and designated a monument in San Juan County yesterday.”

Lee told Obama how the American people and opposing politicians would respond to the president’s controversial actions.

“I pledge to you today that I will do everything I can to work with Congress and the incoming Trump administration to undo this monument designation.”

“But I am not going to stop there,” he continued. “I am then going to do what I can to repeal the Antiquities Act so that future President Obamas cannot do this to rural communities ever again. I am then going to continue our fight to return power back to the American people. Everyone suffers when we allow power to accumulate in the hands of the few.”

“This is not the end. This is just the beginning. We will fight this battle together, and we will win,” his commentary concluded.

Lee is not the first state official to speak out against the monument. According to KUER, San Juan County Commissioner Bruce Adams vowed to work with President-elect Donald Trump’s administration to reverse the designation.

“We ask the president-elect: Trump this monument,” he said.

President Obama should have listened to the American people before making such a massive decision about their land.

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