He Sees Elderly Man Hunched over behind Vehicle. But Quickly Realizes What’s Really Going On

He Sees Elderly Man Hunched over behind Vehicle But Quickly Realizes Whats Really Going On

We drive by so many things every day and think “Wonder what that was all about.” Thankfully, Pavel Fesyuk decided to investigate the curious incident he came across.

Fesyuk is a mixed martial arts fighter and former contestant on the television show American Ninja Warrior. On this day, he wouldn’t need any of those skills, just a strong presence of mind and a concern for a fellow individual.


Fesyuk was driving down the road when he noticed a car pulled off to the side and a man standing outside of it. Actually, William Harris wasn’t really just standing around by the car.

He was more accurately doubled over in the middle of the street. Fesyuk wasn’t sure what this scene was all about but felt he should investigate.

When Fesyuk approached Harris, Harris immediately signaled that he needed help. He was choking.

Fesyuk thought a few raps on the back would help Harris out. It quickly became apparent that something more would have to be done.

So Fesyuk got behind Harris and wrapped his arms tight around him. He pulled Harris close as he performed the Heimlich Maneuver on him.

After two pumps, Harris could breathe again. And it was all caught on the dashboard cam of Fesyuk’s car!

When ABC News posted the video to their Facebook page, people were understandably proud of Fesyuk. Jennifer Guggisberg said, “This world needs more people like this!! God Bless Him!!”

While Joyce Caro exclaimed “God Bless that Good Samaritan. I am proud of him, right there and then, there was no black or white, just being a good person.”

After the man could breathe again, they had a brief conversation and then returned to their cars. Each headed their own separate way, with their own version of a story about an amazing encounter with a stranger!

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Source: liftable.com