Seemingly Impossible Common Core Math Problem Infuriates Adults, Goes Viral

Seemingly Impossible Common Core Math Problem Infuriates Adults Goes Viral

President-elect Donald Trump and his nominee to head the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, have vowed to do away with the Common Core educational standards and associated curricula at the federal level, leaving it for states to decide if they want to use the Common Core or their own standards, and for good reason.

We have shared plenty of examples of Common Core materials that seem more akin to propaganda than educational materials, as well as homework problems that are simply mind-boggling, to say the least.

According to Fox News, one such frustratingly “impossible” math problem for children to solve was recently shared online by the internet-famous Holderness family, and to say that it proved exceedingly difficult for even adults to figure out would be an understatement.

In the now-viral Facebook post, the family wrote, “Internet friends: solve this 1st grade math homework.” They included the hashtags #showyourwork and #mybrainhurts, along with a picture of the math problem.

Most people who responded to the post were utterly dumbfounded as to what the answer could be, or perhaps more importantly, what the purpose of such a confusing problem really was and how it would be applicable in real life as compared to normal mathematics, according to AOL.

The general consensus was that the problem was far too difficult for first-graders to be trying to figure out, as it was completely stumping presumably well-educated adults.

After many people expressed their outrage at the toughness of the question, the Holderness family made sure to mention that the brain-bender was the last problem of a 7-sheet packet, with all of the preceding equations being far more in line with what a first-grader could be expected to understand and solve without much assistance.

That said, there were a few people who were capable of cracking the code and figuring out the answer, which in fact is “J=14,” a solution derived by comparing the letters diagonally, grouping together S, B and G, which would equal 40, then subtracting the values of B and P from the total to find the remainder, 14, which is represented by the letter J.

Though the math equation wasn’t exactly “impossible” to solve, it has proven rather difficult — and nonsensical — for most, and reminded people once again what an educational curriculum can look like when it is crafted by bureaucrats and “experts” located far away from the students and school districts they attend.

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