Security Guard Fired After Boss Learns He Let Homeless Man Sleep in Utility Closet While He Was on Watch


A Philadelphia security guard lost his job days before Christmas when word about what he was doing for a homeless man made its way to his boss.

“I got fired for allowing a homeless guy to sleep in the maintenance area in the back at the job,” Curtis Shipman told WTXF.

Shipman worked as a security guard at two apartment buildings near Rittenhouse Square, where he said he let the man sleep. Doing so was against his job’s policy, but he did it anyway — and for good reason.

“You gotta be kind to people. It’s cold outside,” he said.

“My boss for the security company told me, ‘You broke our number-one rule, blah blah blah.’ I told him, ‘What was I supposed to do, just leave him out there?’” he said.

Shipman explained that he had developed a relationship with several homeless people while working his job and he just didn’t have the heart to see any of them suffer.

“All the regulars that watch out for you, you watch out for them, and all the homeless people around there know me,” he said.

Watch the interview with Shipman below:

Shipman’s wife, Tamika, posted about the incident on Facebook, where she received an outpouring of support.

“People responded in such a positive way I did not expect it. I thought I was going to get some negative feedback because he did break a rule, but it was the opposite effect,” she said.

WTXF tracked down the homeless man Shipman allowed to sleep inside the maintenance area. Identified only as Gary, he said Shipman helped him out on a cold, rainy night.

“To cost him his job for that I think is dead wrong, and I’ll let God take its course on that note,” he said.

It’s sad to know that Shipman had to lose his job over this matter. His boss could have easily helped Gary find a homeless shelter rather than fire an employee with a huge heart for people.

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