Seattle Police Recover Pipes, Shields and Wooden Poles From Anti-Trump Protesters

Seattle Police Recover Pipes Shields and Wooden Poles From Anti-Trump Protesters

Fevered protests against both the inauguration of President Donald Trump and a scheduled speech by conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of Washington broke out across Seattle Friday, leading to numerous skirmishes with law enforcement and even a shooting.

The situation could have been even worse had local law enforcement not intercepted one group of protesters at Westlake Park and confiscated their weapons, which according to local news station KING included “wooden poles, heavy pipes and a shield.”

Unfortunately, the removal of these weapons did not stop all the protesters, who some could argue were in fact rioters.

According to The Seattle Times, an unnamed man “was shot and wounded in a crowd near a University of Washington hall, where Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos,” a staunch Trump supporter, was delivering a speech. The victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center for surgery.

The assumption was that the shooter, who reportedly turned himself in Saturday morning, was a Trump protester, but this had not yet been verified.

While it seemed that the worst of the riots occurred near the university, there were protests downtown as well, where “(h)undreds of people marched … for an immigrant and refugee rights rally and to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump,” according to station KCPQ.

For whatever reason, these protests appeared to be far less violent than those at the university, perhaps because the downtown area lacked the safe spaces found on campus — and therefore the mental instability that comes from being coddled all one’s life.

In fact, the riots on campus grew so violent that Yiannopoulos’s audience members were reportedly told by local authorities to remove their pro-Trump hats and paraphernalia as they exited the area, lest they be attacked. Apparently, free speech had died in Seattle.

It was stunning, to say the least, how these allegedly loving and tolerant liberal anti-Trump protesters behaved Friday. Sadly, though, this may have just been the beginning, as more protests were expected on Saturday and perhaps even Sunday.

If liberals want to peacefully protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump, then so be it — in fact, we support their right to do so. But if they seek to use violence and intimidation to hurt and bully others, then they’ve got another thing coming to them.

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