SEAL With Chris Kyle and Ventura That Night at the Bar Reveals What REALLY Happened

SEAL With Chris Kyle and Ventura That Night at the Bar Reveals What REALLY Happened

Thursday in the state of Texas was Chris Kyle Day, a day where people remember the legendary Navy SEAL sniper who was tragically murdered in 2013.

The day also reminded Kyle fans that former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is still pursuing legal actions against Kyle’s estate over claims that Kyle lied about a story he included in his autobiography about punching out a celebrity over comments the celebrity made about Navy SEALs. In interviews after the book was published, Kyle identified the celebrity as Ventura.

Ventura maintains the whole story is fabricated and that there never was such an altercation

However, in an interesting development in the case, Charlie Melton, a former Navy SEAL sniper, has come forward and claimed that Kyle’s account of that night in the bar with Ventura is accurate, Independent Journal Review reported.

“We were at a SEAL bar in San Diego called McP’s, and we were having a wake for one of our guys that just died, I believe it was Michael Monsoor. We were doing his wake after the funeral there,” Melton explained.

“And Jesse Ventura was in there … I was at the other end of the bar, but he said something kind of derogatory toward us losing guys or whatever and Chris did knock him out. Then we all left and went to Danny’s, which is another bar down the street,” he stated.

Well, there you have it. An eyewitness account to the entire situation has come forward to back up Kyle’s claims.

It is unclear how much this new testimony will affect the ongoing legal case. The Supreme Court recently ruled against Ventura’s attempts to bring a defamation case against Kyle’s estate, but Ventura is still looking to get $1.8 million from the estate.

Most people roundly dismissed Ventura’s claims against Kyle as some politician looking to make a name for himself by attacking someone who can’t fight back anymore, though some did believe his claims.

In any case, hopefully this new witness account will finally put this issue to rest once and for all.

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