Schwarzenegger Open to Trump Guesting on ‘Apprentice’ … Liberals Never Saw This Coming


Still upset over their stinging electoral loss, some liberals are attacking President-elect Donald Trump in any way they can to delegitimize his presidency in the eyes of the American people.

One avenue of attack is over the recent revelation that Trump will retain executive producer credit for the NBC program he helped make into a smash hit, “The Apprentice,” typified by a fretting and hand-wringing piece in Variety.

But their worries of a potential conflict of interest aren’t shared by the new star of the popular series, former California governor and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who doesn’t see Trump retaining credit for the program he helped create as that big a deal.

According to Us Weekly, Schwarzenegger didn’t think Trump needed to step down as executive producer of “The Apprentice” or renounce his royalties, and even seemed open to the idea of Trump joining him as a guest on the show, provided he has the time, of course.

“I don’t think that he is going to be co-hosting with me, even though maybe it’d be fun to have him as a guest adviser or something like this if he has the time,” stated the new host of the series. “I don’t know if he has time or not.”

As for Trump retaining his executive producer credit and continuing to draw royalties from the show, Schwarzenegger had his own experience in dealing with such things from his own past as an entertainer-turned-politician.

“I think that I knew that from the beginning that he’s an executive producer on the show,” he said. “It was on the credit when you watch the show, and I watched, I would say, probably 60 percent of all the shows before I took on this challenge (as host), so it’s no different than when I was running for governor and I became governor.

“My credit starring in ‘Terminator’ still said ‘Schwarzenegger,’ and everything stayed the same and I continued getting royalties and all that stuff,” he added.

The former action and comedy star was not an initial supporter of Trump, but has changed his tune following the election and offered high praise for the man he is about to replace on the TV show.

“It was big shoes to fill because inevitably when you have a season that is going on for 15 times, 15 seasons, you have a great show,” explained Schwarzenegger. “You have a great concept, you have great performances, great stars and all this stuff, so he did a great job and that’s why I was attracted to the show and I watched the show myself. So now I am the new boss, I am the new host, and I hope that, you know, I can match up to what he has done and continue on with a great successful show.”

When “Celebrity Apprentice” returns to the air in early January, Trump’s name will be seen in the credits for executive producer right after the name of the show’s creator, Mark Burnett. Trump will also receive per-episode royalties from the program from production company MGM, reportedly in the low five figures.

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